The four major industrial chain of the Yangtze River Delta will open the integrated high quality development

It is reported that, under the guidance of the marketization and round value of the three provinces, Shanghai, Su Zhe, Zhejiang Province, established a long-term integrated circuit integration innovation industry alliance, and the long triangulation of the New Energy Automobile Alliance, the Yangtze River Delta Biomedical Industry. Long Triangulation, Intelligent Industry Chain, with the Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association, China Pharmaceutical University, Geely Holding Group, and Science, Metropolitan Division as the First Alliance Director Unit. "By building a communication platform between government enterprises, strengthening the information, technology, talents, funds, etc. of the industry chain, jointly related to the protection and promotion, promoting new platforms and scientific research resources sharing, and builds channels to attract more Talent service industry chain development, strengthen international rules, investment industrial policy training services, jointly carry out major research on industrial chain, and forge a global competitive and influential long triangular industry chain community.

"The relevant people of the conference said.

As an important connection point of domestic circulation and integration into the international circulation, the long-term scientific and technological level is high, the manufacturing industry is developed, and the industrial chain supply chain is relatively complete.

On September 10, last year, at the main leaders of the three provinces, we propose requirements for "jointly carrying out industrial chain finished chain solid chain action" key collaborative matters. The establishment of the industrial chain of the industry is also conducive to providing high-level technology supply to the country, supporting the national high-quality development, serving the national new development pattern.

On the same day, I also held a long-term technology innovation community construction office and a new development and construction company of the Yangtze River Delta Example Zone and the Changda Triangle Integrated Demonstration Zone. Map and high-frequency service matters, signing up the development of the Yangtze River Trade Trial Test Area, Service Guarantee 2022, Hangzhou Asian Games, Deepening 5G Innovation Application, Expanding the Yangtze River Triangle Entrepreneur League and Research University Alliance, Building a Huan Taihu Science Major collaborative matters such as circles. (Editor: Zhang Wei, Wu Ji Pan).