Vigorously promote the filial piety and respect the traditional virtues of the traditional virtues and construct the aging work system

Golden Autumn October, everything in Chongyang. On the afternoon of October 14, Zheng Gangjie, secretary of Anhui Provincial Party Committee, went to Hefei City to investigate the work of aging, on behalf of the provincial party committee, and the provincial government to give birth to the elderly. He emphasized that we must conscientiously implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions in aging, and fully implement the agriculture of the population aging national strategy, vigorously promote the filial piety and respectful traditional virtues, and plan to build an old work system, so that the elderly will enjoy the old age. year. The provincial leaders of the province, Guo Qiang, Zhang Hongwen accompanied.

At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, Zheng Gang Jie, who just came back from Beijing, came to the old university in Baohe District, stepped into the vocabulary classroom, fitness classroom, and intensively obemed that the classroom teaching was listened in detail. He encouraged schools to expand the scale of running schools, innovate schooling models, scientific settings, better meet the multi-level and personalized spiritual cultural life needs of elderly.

I learned that the school has opened 30 majors, 70 teaching classes, but there is still a large degree gap, Zheng Gangjie pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping is very concerned about the elderly and aging, we have to take responsibility, with feelings with feelings Spatial planning, perfect service facilities, long plan, short arrangement, gradually improve the level of age, let the elderly have a teacher, old learning, old music, old. Subsequently, Zheng Gangjie came to Zhenya Yangji care center, view accommodation, catering, entertainment and other areas, and talking to the elderly. "How old is the old man?" "How long is it?" "How much is it to pay here?" Zheng Gangjie pulled the old man’s handshew, he said emotionally, today is the Chongyang Festival, see everyone’s body Ok, the mood is good, we are relieved, I wish you all a healthy and longevity, life happiness! Then, Zheng Gangjie walked into Sun Zhan, Li Shuyuan and other elderly people, and looked at life. He is in charge of the relevant departments and pension institutions, we must compare our hearts, he is good, and send our elderly since the heart, and serve the elderly in the heart, so that every elderly people live quietly.

He pointed out that we must adhere to the government’s leading, social participation, on the basis of enhancing the government’s main function, and fully utilize marketization mechanisms and means, build a full range of old age work systems such as medical, raise, protect, and learn, and strive to be old. People have created dignity, high-quality life.

In the survey, Zheng Gangjie emphasized that the old people have a wish of all the people, and it is also an inevitable requirement for achieving common prosperity. Party committees and governments at all levels should increase system innovation, policy supply, financial investment efforts, and accelerate and improve social security systems, pension service systems, and health support systems.

It is necessary to adhere to the positive and aging concept, health aging concept, and promote diversification and high quality development in older industries and aging industries.

To strengthen all kinds of responsibilities such as families, units, society, start from bits, and implement good old-age preferential treatment policies, maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly, and create a good environment of respecting the old and respecting the old people.

(Correspondent Zong Zhi Journalist Zhu Shengli) (Editor: Fan Xiaolin, Jin Lexin) Share more people to see.