Breaking through the night illuminating tomorrow – the historical narrative of TV series "prourse"

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 16 (Reporter Liao Wei) "The rise of a nation will have a pioneer.

"This is the creation will of the recent broadcast TV drama" the frontier ". The intention of the main crew gains a wide resonance of the audience. Tears. "The audience is comment. This 40-episodes of TV series tells the Shanghai, the Urban Party organized by the early 1930s. The underground party members are firmly faith in the bloody rain, and the struggle, not fear of sacrifice, surround the "Zero Document", launch "Rescue Action", and rob the "Confession" file and other incidents, and various The hostile power launched a thrilling contest … Multi-line narrative, compact plot, distinctive characters, tension, is a TV series "frontier" always attracts the audience’s important characteristics. It is particularly worth mentioning that the drama passes through the Communists on the beach The struggle story, dripping the darkness of the semi-feudal semi-colonial old China; through the communist, respecting life, cherishing a scene of cultural heritage, vividly interpreting the Chinese Communist Party to win the people and Jiangshan, deeply revealing "only the Communist Party can save The history of China is inevitable.

"At the same time as dramatic, try to restore the real atmosphere of the era.

"The Front Whaft" plays the play, he positioned this drama as "historical drama", focusing on the true reflection of characters, in the character of the characters and details, and the touching plots run through the whole drama.

For example, Chen Lie as the senior leading cadre of the Underground Party, in order to cover a common martyrs, they did not hesitate to sacrifice life. In the last moment, I met the ship’s ticket to pay more, and reflected the true spiritual essence of the Communists. Director Gong Zhaohui said that shooting this TV series is to pay tribute to the independence and liberation of the country, and go forward to the great revival of the Chinese nation.