This time,It was the black-robed elder who stood up to speak,He has always been obviously partial to the Qin family,But he has changed his mind。

“Qin Nanming,Please pass by。No one wants this to happen,But since it has happened,Then only accept。Your son Qin Chu died in a fair duel,You can’t shoot this young kid,This is national law,do you understand?”Elder Black Robe said word by word,And staring at Qin Nanming with piercing eyes。
Qin Nanming heard the words,Shocked,There was a deep resentment in his eyes。
He understood immediately,A dead genius Qin Chusheng,It’s nothing!What about the Baihu battle pulse??Dead is dead,For the snobbery elder,There is no investment value。
And Chu Sheng’s death,It just so happens that they can be used by these big people to make civilians angry,Resolve the grievances of the people,I can take the opportunity to show good to that little bastard,Do several things in one fell swoop,It’s me,I would probably choose this way。
It seems that there is no way to avenge Chu Sheng personally today!Qin Nanming took a deep look at the three elders,Turn around without looking back。
He left,The Qin family present were all black faces,Left one after another,Only two people were left to collect the corpses for Qin Chu。
Till now,Many of the talents present awakened like a dream,Then realized,Qin Chu gave birth to the little devil,Already beheaded in the street,Different place!
“This,This,amazing!Really amazing!Hu Qi,Hurry up and introduce this young hero to me!”Boss Hu Su is very excited,Shouted at his son。
Hu Qi just recovered from a daze,Heard father’s cry,Suddenly excited,Overjoyed。
The kid He Buna killed Qin Chusheng,Solved the big trouble for him in the future,congratulations,So happy!Hu Qi cautiously approached He Bu and his group,All smiles,As if you were a group of them,I completely forgot the arrogance when blocking the road at the gate of the city not long ago。
Madame Nan was also bursting into tears with excitement at this moment,Things change fast,Has completely exceeded her imagination。
Daughter killed,The son was beaten and maimed and still lying in the house,Mrs. Nan thought there was no hope of revenge for her life,I don’t know that my son’s friend is too kind,I’ll take revenge on the spot。
Cut Qin Chusheng,The whole Red Willow City sighed!
Many people think about it and feel happy,What the hell is that《Toddler Code》,Was taken away by Qin Chusheng,As a result, Qin lifted a rock and hit himself in the foot,Qin Chusheng was beheaded,They can’t find revenge either。