He and Huang Wenqing are not the slightest unhappy!

in contrast,He trembled to Kelly·Hicks asked:“this……Ok,Ms,what do you mean,If the country agrees to our cooperation,You think about us?”
“exactly,What our boss meant,One is approved by the Chinese government,The other is that you have met our requirements for partners,”Kelly·Hicks explained:“This is the precondition that we can sit at the negotiating table and discuss,But in the end can we reach a cooperation agreement,That’s another matter。”
Kelly·Hicks is very rude,But Meng Haibo and Huang Wenqing’s hearts are already filled with surprises。
Nothing else,Just because Chen Geng did not completely close the door to cooperation,Chengfa Factory still has a chance!
From the beginning,The two of them didn’t think that Chen Geng could promise himself……Even if Chen Geng really agreed,They have to wonder if there is a conspiracy。
it’s good now,In the view of Huang Wenqing and Meng Haibo,Chen Geng’s approach is completely through the normal cooperation process,This is almost the best result they can think of。
The two looked at each other,I secretly made up my mind:After going back,Use all the energy you can use,Whatever you say must contribute to this cooperation……Look at the days of the Changan factory,Really enviable。
Huang Wenqing and Meng Haibo happily left,Kelly·Hicks asked Chen Geng:“boss,You are going to cooperate with this company?”
Chen Geng smiled,Didn’t hide his thoughts:“China has a word,Call the short man to pull the general。”
Kelly·Hicks frowned and thought for a while,I feel like I understand,I feel like I still don’t understand,I had to ask Chen Geng bitterly:“boss,What does this mean?”
For Kelly who has just learned Chinese for a while·Hicks,She is already a genius to master basic daily conversations in such a short time,Idioms and other things,It’s inhumane for her。
“What this means is,Limited to China’s current poor industrial processing capacity and technological level,Chengfa Factory is already a relatively good one,If we want to find a partner in China that can barely meet our requirements,Chengfa Factory is the taller one among a group of short men。”
Understand now!
Kelly·Hicks suddenly realized:“Mr,I understand what you mean……Ok,Also,No matter how weak their technology is,,But after all, it is an enterprise with aero engine production capacity,Such a business,Put in the U.S.,Not too bad。”
Thought of here,Kelly·Hicks’ eyes lit up,I think the boss is really foresight,From my own understanding of China’s domestic industrial processing capabilities,It seems that this Chengdu Aero Engine Manufacturing Plant is indeed one of the best cooperative enterprises。