Nodded obediently,Bai Lu said with a slightly red face:“I really want to put my studies first,I don’t want to,This……Give birth so early!”

Head down,Bai Lu no longer dared to look up to Xiang Chen’s eyes。
“I am leaving!”
Whispered,Bai Lu ran away from Xiang Chen’s sight。
Watching Bai Lu go away,The corners of Xiang Chen’s mouth couldn’t help but curl up,People after retirement,Isn’t it time the most??
And drove away in no hurry,Xiang Chen turned and walked not far。
“Is he gone?”
Xiao Ke hides behind Li Yang and Cai Kunpeng,I don’t even want to take a look in the direction where Xiang Chen disappeared。
“I say old Xiao,You are not so bearish?When we met before,You are not like this!”
Li Yang frowned,Looking at Xiao Ke suspiciously,I still remember this grandfather once slammed Fang Qiu,Now I’m afraid of fear!
Facing Li Yang’s unbelievable,Xiao Ke looked indifferent,Contempt for Li Yang,Not at all angry,Of course:“You two don’t know how fierce he is!”
Pouting,Xiao Ke scanned the Cai Kunpeng and Li Yang back and forth,Seeing Cai Kunpeng’s appearance,Xiao Ke can also guess what happened before again。
Smacked,Xiao Ke also told Li Yang and Cai Kunpeng about Xiang Chen’s great achievements without any reservation.。
“Is it the top spot in Wanghai Zhu’s house?!This buddy doesn’t give any face,Li Family in the Magic City?It’s not a waste of energy for a long time,I just made a lot of money?This guy is an overbearing lord in our Wanghai circle,I advise you,If there is no deep hatred,Never mind!This master,Never follow the routine。”
Xiao Ke did his best to persuade Cai Kunpeng and Li Yang,It’s just a pity,Xiao Ke found that no matter what he said,The two people in front of me don’t seem to care at all。
I thought to myself how the two talents came to watch the sea on the first day,I haven’t done my landlord friendship yet,I had such a deep beam with Xiang Chen。
Thinking about the relationship between my sister and Xiangyang,Xiao Ke also had headaches。