“rest assured,I must bring them out alive。”

“go,”Qin Hao gave an order,The whole person is the first to withdraw from the frontal battlefield。
Huang Xiaoding closely followed Qin Hao,Other people follow。
This line,Everyone is determined to die。
Along the way,None of them encountered an enemy,Very smoothly came to the building near the Brook Center。
“We go in through the sewer,Direct arrivalAEntrance,You guys go to the exit to meet us。”
Qin Hao selects elite members of each team,30 people in total。
The number of people to complete the task。
Then the ten people who were lit by Qin Hao went to the exit on the map。
“No one right now,Hurry and follow me in,”Qin Hao took out the lid of the sewer,Then the whole person jumped down。
Everyone followed Qin Hao,Came to the entrance of the underground base smoothly。
“Direct blasting,Blow up all the hard,Put the medicine together,Make sure to explode in one go。”