Zhengxin does not have him,Suck a stomach with an amazing lungs,Then the back of the brain is mute。

“How about it,What did you smell??”
“You have a gravity count me,You fart!”
Chapter 458 My sage is not near women
“Pooh,Dog mouth no ivory,You fart!”
Chang Chongzi heard the angry:“From just beginning,I feel stinking this place.,Feelings are your good things you do,Such a stinky,Are you eating at noon??”
Zhengxiao spit,After turning it, it is flashing,Spike a pit on the wall,He is full of spit stars,Swear:“Your old cow nose,Splash and black water one day later,Now I still put a hike,I see that you are clearly itchy.。”
“Your baldness!”
“You are absent。”
“Your ugly!”
“You are more ugly than me!”
Zhang Lihua looked at the two people in the quarrel,how to say,The spit has this power,Really, it is a mainland of people.,Under the large base,Monster to raise a better than one。
But personality,It’s a little darer.。
“Zhang Tianshi doesn’t want to see,These two years of friends,The mouth has become everyday,Is a way to express friendship。”
See the image of the tour group,Strictly decisive, explained a sentence,And behind the hand:“This hasty this time,No friends in the dragon and Tiger,If Zhang Tiansheng is interested,I can help 捎 捎。”
“Have a victory,I really have this mind.,Why is it near the hometown?,I have not found a suitable opportunity。”Zhang Lihua nodded。
Her Zhang Tianshi,It is the Tang Dynasty,Tang Royal Groad。Take back,It is also from Dragon Hill.,One side of Tianshi Road。
The two are talking about,Strictly found that the natural stop is silent before the wall.,Face-demon,When you are curious,Go up。
Always,The sky is both a brain,No heart type。
This kind of person suddenly played deeply……
It is very out!
“Senior,But what is abnormal?”
This is a question,I didn’t expect it to ask.,Strictly and good:“Senior,There is a trace of mysterious masters on this wall.,You inferred what kind of martial arts he used?”
Tianshi,The emptiness is a foot,Foot force,Effect on the front palace wall。
As he spits,Semi-wall tilt collapse,Out of a tangent。
Everyone is coming over,I want to hear what Gao Yi。
“If I have not guess wrong,Wall wall,Do not,This whole court,They were kicked by one feet into two halves.。”Tianyi raise hand,Circle the entire underground palace into it。
“Good eyesight,This is true。”Long lamp,It is a senior person,The fruits of martial arts are really unspeakable.。
Long light is called the former,There is no problem.,Don’t look at him, there are many,Actual age is far less than。
Tianshan is the evil master in seven hundred years ago,If you have a division,I can’t find a grandson in the field.。
“Then look at it again.,He is kicked at the time.。”
The sky is different,Footprint,People 甩 半 半 半。
Blue rays,照 lights up the entire underground world,The court wall is injured,Destroy,Rumbler picked up the dust。
“exactly,That’s it,That person is also flying a foot,Will the whole palace waist,There is also the stone pillar,Stone column also……”
Long light pointing at the far roots towering stone pillar,Half of half,It looks like the feet of the sky, only the palace,Did not affect stone column,Hundreds of shrinkage in the range。