Left thousands of households can’t sit,And point to the sword pointing to Liao Wenjie:“Cui Daohang,I have seen you although I’m acting.,But I don’t forget to save people.,Never injured……At least I didn’t see you hurt.,If you have a hard work,Today, the face of the Normal University,Maybe she can help you from suffering。”

“Good and good,Put down the butcher knife,Located,Thousands of houses have Huigen。”Pudu is gratifying to nod。
Liao Wenjie,This left thousand,The brain is not very spiritual.。
He sighed:“Present,Evil,No gas,Tido is not unknown and evil。I thought that the left and thousands of households were full of blood.,A bloody,The demon ghost should also retreat three points,The result is still difficult to flee it!”
Left thousand:“……”
You are in these practice,Is it ancestor??
Chapter 228 South Ofless World,Xi Tian is like a law
“Evil outer road tooth tunnel,Dragonfly confused,Thousands of families can not be with him more,Solve the evil law,I can’t help but be controlled by it.。”
Pudu Cihang waved,Say, I want to say something left thousand,Compassionate smile,Liao Wenjie Road:“Declant evil deep into the bone marrow,Already the shape of the diseased paste,If you don’t have to give up,Poor is there is a Dharma,Can help the soven。”
what’s the situation?
Knowing the autumn leaves blinking,Although Liao Wenjie is the evil door,But two days ago,He can see that these are items.,Pudu Cihang Dharma Deep,No reason to play the name of the demon……
Rate,These two people have a hatred?
Knowing the autumn leaves,A good words:“Two,It’s going to be a monster right away.,Everyone should abandon him,Tongli cooperation,I am playing myself.,No one is hurt。”
Reason,But no one bird,Just following it。
“Evil outer road tooth tunnel,Specially confused……No problem,I totally agree。”
Liao Wenjie nodded,Slightly striker,Put the wins and swords:“I can’t think of you, this monster is quite self-known.,Unfortunately, you are full of demon,Even if I repaired Dharma,Another layer of people,Can’t pressed to defeat,There is a lot of mold in front of the poor road.。”
“donor,You really have no repentance?”
“You are a stinky,There should be no less people,Let me calculate,What is the demon becomes fine?……”
Liao Wenjie looked up:“Unlike a spider,Not like a push、Poison……what,It’s hard to do it, you are a big 蜈蚣!?”
Pufu Ci flights flashing a murder,Gathering a Buddha masks it,Calm:“Poor is good to persuade,The donor is not only obsessed with,Still a worse,Speech, shameful,In this way,Poor can only be done with Dharma.。”
“Shouldful,The truth does not pass the physics,Demon demon。”
Liao Wenjie nodded,And the back is high,Despise:“Your person’s skinny dryness,Fist, there is no casserole,I don’t want to beat people.,It is better to have a big macy body,Let’s die again.。”
“Donkey is going to talk nonsense!”
Pudu Cihang is slightly,Two hands in ten chest,White bloom,Look on the Buddha。
Behind her,More than 10 monks danced in the hands of the organ,One time,Buddha’s passage,Go straight to people。
“Namo Amitabha~~~”
“Bitter sea,Back is the shore~~~”
“Put down the butcher knife,Located~~~”
Demon repair Dharma,Unfair,Dharma will not be positive。
Good Buddhist Zen,This is the heart of the gods,Crazy impact Liao Wenjie seven。
Be a tide,Silk,Although there is no thunderon,But it is endless,Unclear,Make a constant。Once drilling into the ear,It makes people fall into illusion,I only want to die。
“Oops,Your fight,Why do you also involve me?,I am innocent。”
Know the autumn and one leaves, two earplugs,The strange call jumps from the roof,It is still thinking that Liao Wenjie and Puru Cihang are because private grievances.。
Liao Wenjie:(one`one)
how to say,Although I sang it opposite,The voice is not small,Yinssen is not missing。But he listens to the demonstration Van.,Actually, I don’t feel it.,I even have a little more difficult to sleep.。
Nima score!