“I think,Gossip or then say it。”Yunchuki Ya shook his head,“Since the chairman gave us this opportunity,I still want to determine it.,What is the condition of my opportunity??”

“I http://www.hrbfdmy.cn said,You don’t have to do this degree。”Yaresta helpless laugh,“After all, it is the signature of the urban city.,I don’t have any self-destruction of himself.。”
“That is really to thank the chairman’s generosity.。”Yunchukiya said a word,“So,What will we do after getting this news?,You won’t know.?”
“How do you know。”The Yunda Yunnan light is light,“Just affect my plan,I am actually a tolerant to people.,Not?”
“otherwise,”Speaking of which,The Yaresta’s tone is a smile in a smile,“You really think,That child can blind me so long?”
“So,It’s really much thanks to the chairman.。”It seems that it is completely scared by Asia’s words.,Yunchuki Yama took again again,Calmly,“If you can,I think our visit is better.。”
“after all,ourleaderStill waiting for us?。”
“Not。”Yaresta seems to have lost his interest in http://www.diaoyiwang.cn conversation.,Nodded,next moment,A picture that flashes rays appears in the ground.,Caring for everyone,“Before going,Finally, ask you a question.。”
“you,Never worry about that person??”
In the discourse of Yaresta,The first time I brought a touch of doubts.,From the friction in the metal tone,Part of the person seems to have a slight recovery,Also let Yun Sichuan Yaya turn to the action slightly。
“I am to me.leaderHave enough confidence。”Backward,Yunchukawa is smile,“After being defeated three years ago,I really realize this.。”
“to some extent,He and the one I know can create a miracle child.,There are a lot of similar things.。”
“Is this?。”Asia Microphone,Don’t want to talk again,Only space is like a star-wide indicator that is constantly flashing,It seems that it is generally thinking about the speed of the master.,And the whole space is still falling in silence.。
“If you can see him,Just give him a few words。”I don’t know how long I have passed.,The sound of the Aresta sounded in the dark,“Just do it to him.。”
“The two poles of the world are not north-south,Not in magic and science,But in order。Never lies in order itself,And some things burst when breaking and even surpassing it。”Like the spell of prayer,The mechanical sound of the Asaresta seems to have a macro,“And I have seen the greatest,The most easily transcendence order,The possibility of people from people。”
“I have seen the god of magic,Also receive passengers。I have tried to break the possibility of fate.,But it will eventually make the world operation like I predict。”It seems like self-speaking,The Asia has fallen into a strange state.,“Caused my cognitive transformation,I have seen it.,Different possibilities between people and people。”
“As early as six years ago,I have seen this existence of breaking my cognition.。”Speaking of which,Yaresta seems silent laugh.,“I am looking forward,Can see your possibility。”
“I have seen different from I have seen it.,Another possibility。”
“I think,I will tell your will to the Qing Palace.。”Yunchukawa Yama,Return it again,Turned and pulled the face and ambiguous, Flam, and the little face were full of confused Fremeya.,And the bundle is right,Then stepped into the ground on the ground,。
next moment,Space a wave of fluctuations,The figure of a few people disappeared in the original place.,Only the light array under the foot is slowly disappeared in the dark.。
After a long time,Sadness quietly sounded in the dark。
“you,Is it going to leave??”
NS644chapter please
WaitowletWhen several people go back to God,They have returned to the outside of the window,Feel the wind with silk,Let the few people including the bundle, I have a cold war.。
The bundle is coming around four weeks,Perhaps this is the chairman of the chairman.,No one in the sky,Only by his own visitors,Let her not help but easily,But when she is looking forward to a few people,Her deep scorpion can’t help but get a fan。
Flanga’s face is still with a look,Fuffmeia because she just cried,Night wind blows,Let her two usually have a little red and swollen,The look of the face with a look,And the only exception Yun Sichuan,She is looking down with her mobile phone,Finger constantly pressing mobile phone screen,I don’t know what to do.。
“All right。”Take a while,Yunchuki Ya is tone,Put down your phone,then,Say with a calm some excessive tone,“Next,It is temporary.。”
“What is it for the time being?!”Looking at Yunchuki Yama is still this unclear,Let the anger in the heart of Franda once again,Can’t help but get angry,“Don’t you care about the death of the Qing Palace at all??!”
“Don’t care about his death?”I heard this,Yunchukiya,“Then what do you think,Is it concerned about the big guilty??Or,You can exchange the sympathy in this way?”