15 foreigners have won the "Great Wall Friendship Award" Chen Jining and Winners Video Talk

Original title: 15 foreigners have won the "Great Wall Friendship Award" this newspaper (Reporter Liu Feifei Yangqi) last night, the municipal government held the 15th "Great Wall Friendship Award" Awards and Talks, 15 bits have made a prominent contribution to Beijing Foreign persons will be awarded this honor.

Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, mayor Chen Jining, awarded the award of the winners with a video manner. 15 winners from 12 countries gathered from the world’s 7 time zones, and participated in the online award ceremony.

The winners have highly evaluated the achievements of Beijing in recent years in recent years, indicating that it will continue to play a positive role in promoting high quality development and promoting Chinese and foreign exchanges in Beijing. At the symposium, the winners combined with their respective work areas, revisiting the idea around the development of intelligent networks, international technology innovation cooperation, medical and health industry development, "double carbon" realization path, and expanded high levels to Beijing. Promote the promotion of innovation and development.

  Chen Jining congratulated to the winners, thank you for your contribution to the development of Beijing.

He briefly introduced the economic and social development of Beijing. Beijing, China has successfully completed the establishment of the party’s 100-year celebration service service guarantee task. It is currently working to promote the Winter Olympics, without relaxing the normalized epidemic prevention and control, ensuring Beijing Winter Olympics Surfactor as scheduled. We will make full use of technology advantages, develop digital economy, medical health, green low-carbon and other industries, and promote high-precision industries. Adhere to the ecological priority green development, scientific planning carbon neutral road map, let the green mountains and blue sky have become a beautiful base color in the capital capital.

We will accelerate the construction of "two districts", promote system and policy innovation, continue to optimize business environment, and speed up the construction of high-level open pattern; combine foreign people’s needs, continue to optimize service, improve support facilities, and accelerate the construction of international talent community, for foreign People have created good conditions in Beijing. I hope that foreign experts have actively investive in Beijing’s development and construction, and pay more valuable comments, play the role of bridge bonds, and promote the interaction between Beijing and around the world.

  "Great Wall Friendship Award" is the highest honor of the Beijing Municipal Government awarded in Beijing.

Since its establishment in 1999, 206 foreigners from 30 countries have received this honor. The city leaders Cui Yanqiang, Yu Dingbin, secretary general of Lu Ming and Municipal Government. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.